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Here's a free Coherence Breath Pacer on us!
Yep - it's totally, 100% FREE. Don't worry, you will not be asked for any payment details at checkout!
And not only is it free to you, you're very welcome to share it with anyone you like, however you like! We're happy for you to send it to friends and post it on your social media too. And if you're a coach, therapist, yoga or meditation teacher then you're also welcome to use it with clients too.
The only thing we ask is that you please don't sell it or edit it. But apart from that it's yours!
To get the most from your Coherence Breath Pacer make sure you use headphones (the music includes 8D and binaurals) and maximise your video player window.
Breathe in as the beautiful Isohedron expands and breathe out as it contracts. It's set at a 10 second breath cycle (6 breaths per minute) which is optimal for coherence for most people.
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Gavin, Mark and Allie - Syntropy States