Beautiful Audio Visual Relaxation Aids (16 x videos)

Syntropy States

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Feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated whenever you want.

Download and enjoy anytime, any place on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Immerse yourself in a series of 8 beautiful audio-visual relaxation aids created using the latest 8D and binaural production techniques. Choose which energy centre to focus on and feel rejuvenated and recharged in just 5 minutes.

Warning - only watch when it is safe to do so - these are seriously relaxing!


What our customers are saying...

"Wow!! Amazing work!! I find them really hypnotising – such incredible artwork ! It makes me feel an increased sense of oneness and connection to the whole when I look at those patterns and the movements."

"I dropped into coherence pretty much immediately and was in a trance by the end of it! Both the music and visuals really worked for me (spirograph was my fave game as a child and now I know why!!). I also like that it’s short – makes me immediately want to work it into my regular schedule."

"This was amazing [Galon – Heart Chakra] I’ve tried it a few times now and out of all of them, it immediately demands my focus and locks me in. FYI my coherence was in the 6 – 6.8 region! The visuals are spectacular and I particularly like the waves that sit and dangle both on the left and right, it’s pretty cosmic!"