Coherence Breath Pacer Music (audio only)

Syntropy States

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Take your meditation and breathwork to another level with this series of 8 soothing ambient tracks designed specifically to help you with your coherence/resonance breathing.

Composed using the latest 8D and binaural production techniques, each track develops blissfully over 4 minutes taking you on a journey through multidimensional rhythms and evolving soundscapes.

Sit or lay comfortably, use headphones and let the music pace your breathing. You'll soon be elevated into a state of relaxation and renewal.


Please note:

This download gives you 3 different breath cycles - 8, 10 and 12 seconds, so that you can find the pace which is ideal for you. We suggest that you begin with 10 seconds as this will result in optimal coherence for most people. However, if you prefer a faster pace then try 8 seconds or if you prefer slower then try 12 seconds.